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St. Timothy's is both an active community of faith and an
historic church. Our past gives us guidance and strength, but
it does not limit us.

We gather to experience God's presence, deepen our faith
and to share fellowship. But we are also part of the larger
community. St. Timothy's is proud to partner with North
Light Community Center and to provide pastoral support to
several local institutions.

We are a dynamic parish that is open to whatever God has in
store. We hope you will join with us as we work to continue
our legacy into a new century.
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Weather Cancellation
On Sunday's you can find
ample parking on the streets
around the church.  There is
additional parking in the
hospital parking lot across
Ridge Avenue.

Monday – Friday   9am to Noon

6:00 pm Gamblers Anonymous
(non-parish group)
6:30 pm Alzheimer’s Support Group
(non-parish group)

7:00 pm Wellness Ministry Workshop:
Dressings, Dips &  Condiments  

Friday - Sunday
Youth Members visit Washington DC

Guest Celebrant: Fr. Kenneth Wissler
8:00 am  Spoken Mass
9:30 am Sung Mass
 10:30 am Coffee Hour on the Lawn

FR. BERLENBACH will be away at
General Convention from June 23 thru
July 3rd. Should you need attention for a
non-pastoral matter please contact the
parish office, weekdays 8am -12 noon,
215-483-1529 or our Rector's Warden,
Pat Grow. If you have a pastoral
emergency please call Fr. Alex Lenzo at
267-928-9952 or Deacon Carl Knapp.

      4TH OF JULY
Please join us for the parade, meeting at
the church by 8:30 am. Remember to
wear your St. Tim's t-shirt! The
picnic will b
egin at 11 am and will be in
the courtyard of the parish hall. Please
bring a side dish, dessert, salad or chips
to share. If you have questions, please
contact the office.
the way you
remember it
5720 RIDGE AVENUE,  Philadelphia, PA 19128

Sunday Worship Hours:  
8:00 am Rite I - Spoken Service
9:30 am Rite II - Sung Service

Contact St. Timothy's:
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8am to Noon
By Phone: (215) 483-1529   or Fax: (215) 483-44766

Twitter: @StTimsRox

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                                    OPEN WORSHIP LEADERSHIP  -  O.W.L.

Schedules can really help.  We depend on them for classes, for work, for catching a bus.  But sometimes they can
create as many problems as they solve.  

In recent years we have found this to be true when it comes to scheduling acolytes, readers and chalice bearers.  
It has been hard to get people to come forward for these wonderful and important ministries in part because folks
don't always know their schedules in advance.  

Therefore, for the months of July and August we are going to try an experiment in Open Worship Leadership or
OWL for short.  

Essentially we hope OWL will encourage more people to take an active role in leading our worship.   There are
lots of ways to participate: acolyting, reading, leading the prayers, bringing up the gifts, administering the chalice
and serving as an usher.  By going without a schedule anyone who feels inspired that given day can volunteer to
help lead our worship.  All you have to do is sign up when you get to church.  Please note, chalice and acolyte do
require some prior training but if you would like to try one of those roles, simply speak with Fr. Kirk or Fr. Alex
to learn how.

The signup sheet will be posted at the usher's station by the porch door.  Each week there will be a listing of
available jobs for each service.  If you are willing to help, just put your name next to the job you'd like to do when
you arrive.  Then whey your turn to help comes up, come forward and do it and then go back to your seat.  No
prior commitments, no worries about getting to church if you schedule changes, no need to get a substitute.  
OWL means you can just show up, sign up and lead.  

OWL starts on July 5th and will run through August.

If you have any questions please speak with the clergy.